• TF 400 Series

    Temperature and steam regulation control panel

  • Flaking plant

    Vertical looking unit

  • Automatic lubrication

    Automatic lubrication system

  • Dryng and cooling

Livestock feed

Installations for the thermo-flaking of cereals

Fixed plants

Range of machines

TecnoFood Italia offers a complete range of machines for processing and roasting cereals, legumes and cereal mixes, intended for livestock feed.
The complete range of machines gives customers the possibility to choose between two different fixed cooking systems, designed to best respond to any requirement:


Processes and Technology

From grains to flakes. There are three fundamental phases in which the thermo-flaking process takes place, all equally important. Three phases for a single goal: absolute quality.

  • 1 treatment

    1 | Hydrothermal treatment

    With the steam cooking of the raw material at a variable temperature of 110°C.

  • Treatment 2

    2 | Mechanical treatment

    Through which grains are flatten and reduced into flakes by a rolling mill composed by two rollers, one fixed and one moving.

  • Treatment 3

    3 | Drying – cooling treatment

    During which flakes acquire the characteristics of humidity and temperature, suitable to their conservation.

Dust Aspiration and Decantation

All flaking plants are equipped with a cutting-edge system for the dust aspiration, in full conformity with the present work health regulations…

Automated Control

The entire working cycle  is controlled by the control panel through a PLC SIEMENS, equipped  by a LCD touch screen through which is possible to follow the line’s operations…

Automatic lubrication

The automatic lubrication system allows you to accurately program the amount of lubricant, the lubrication times and the areas that require lubricating. Programming guarantees greater safety for workers…

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