Service in its maximum expression

The high level of specialization reached by the Gianni Guidolin Italian Group, thanks to the synergistic combination of its activities of manufacturer of plants and producer of flaked feeds, permits the customers to profit of the wide knowledge acquired during the several years of experience in the flaking field.

TecnoFood Italia considers as a primary importance the transmission of its know how, to permit customers to obtain high added value performances, able to exploit at best the potential of the plants supplied.

The wide range of services includes:

The development of the TecnoFood Italia technology is based on an integral approach, founded on an accurate analysis and identification of the customer requirements and concentrated on clear targets, realistic budgets and reliable times. All this, in order to guarantee customized solutions, able to ensure an optimal cost-benefit ratio.

Set up and Testing
It is important to remark that all mechanical and electric parts of each single machine are assembled and tested inside the company before shipment.
All the set up and testing phases are followed by an expert technical staff.
Every installation is followed by a phase of starting, preceding the real testing, which certifies the function characteristics of the plants, in accordance with the technical specifications agreed with the customer.

After the testing, the company offers an appropriate staff training regarding the operating and correct maintenance of the system.

Research and continuous training
To guarantee the best service for the customers, TecnoFood Italia uses the flaked feed factory of the Gianni Guidolin Italian Group as a training centre, for transferring its own know-how, and as a laboratory, where each technological innovation applied to the plants is submitted to severe tests.
Thanks to the possibility to demonstrate all the phases of the production process, the company offers the opportunity to personally and directly follow the plants performances and evaluate the production potentiality of the plants.

After sales assistance
In addition to the periodical visits, a team of experts is always at the customer’s disposal for eventual technical assistance, by following them step by step to solve any problem and, if necessary, by making surveys directly on site.

Plants organization and management
TecnoFood Italia is able to offer an on-site cooperation of a highly qualified staff, in order to organize and manage the plants in their first periods of activity, until their complete autonomy. This, to permit the customers to reach in a short time their scheduled targets of efficiency and productivity.

Maintenance A regular maintenance increases the duration of the production plants.
Specialized technicians are at the customer’s disposal to supervise the maintenance operations and train the local personnel.

Repairs and spare parts To satisfy the request of eliminating or reducing at minimum the production stops, Tecnof has a strong commit to organize eventual on-site repairs and supply the original spare parts all around the world under principles of timeliness, reliability and efficiency.

TecnoFood Italia accompanies its plants throughout their life cycles, by providing complete servicing and technical updates.