Hydrothermic treatment (Steam cooking)

Hydrothermic treatment (Steam cooking)2018-12-13T15:43:57+02:00

The flaking plants produced by TecnoFood Italia are proposed in two different types: with single vertical and with double, vertical and horizontal, cooking unit.
This makes the plants unique throughout the world, thanks to their advanced technology offering such a flexibility that allows them to guarantee excellent quality results in processing all types of cereals, legumes or mixtures.

A steam distribution network permits dosing the right steam quantity in the different points of the cooking chambers, thus obtaining an ideal hydrothermal treatment, with a time-temperature ratio suitable for the treatment of any type of cereal and/or legume.

The steam needed for cooking is produced by a steam generator combined to the plant and is adjustable both in quantity and in temperature, to satisfy the highest cooking and toasting requirements.