Benefits and Advantages

Benefits and Advantages2018-12-13T15:28:26+02:00

Advantages of the thermo-flaking process 

The steam-flaking process offers several advantages, as the raise of feed digestibility and palatability, its complete sterilization and the elimination of the anti-nourishing factors. The use of flaked feeds allows also an improvement of the satiety sensation and optimizes the use of feeds of a low biological value.

Nutritional benefits

The use of flaked feeds gives notable benefits for the breeding of all animal species: dairy cows, beef cattle (weaning, maintenance, fattening and finishing), pigs, horses, sheep and other production animals, as well as for the final consumers of meet and dairy products.Flaked cereals permit to feed animals of high genetic performance without damaging their metabolic system, thanks to the high transformation with a high bioavailability and the least loss of energy.Flaked feeds represent the ideal solution to obtain healthier, more fertile and long-living animals and act as a determinant factor in obtaining high quality meat and milk products.